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by Kenwood

The professional TK-3360 is an analog portable radio. This Kenwood radio is compact and very easy to use. Although the TK-3360 is a small two-way radio, it still has many functions such as VOX, DTMF, 5-tone signaling and more. This handheld is working on the UHF frequency range of 440 – 470 MHz.


Key features:

  • 5 watt RF output
  • 16 channels – mechanically selectable down to 12, 8 or 4 by fitting ‘channel stopper’ detent rings tot he selector knob
  • Frequency range: 440 – 470 MHz
  • Built-in scrambler
  • QT, DQT, DMTF and 5-tone signaling
  • FleetSync digital signaling, PTT ID and Selcall
  • MDC-1200 signaling (requires special license ID)
  • PC programming
  • Meets the ETSI-standards


Kenwood TK-3360  brochure