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by Thuraya
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Thuraya’s Indoor Repeaters allow you to use Thuraya satellite phones indoors or in blind spots where there is no satellite coverage. They are easy to install and support voice, data/fax, and GmPRS services. Thuraya offers different types of Indoor Repeaters: Single-Channel Repeaters, which are available in fixed or portable versions and can handle one call or session at a time, and Multi-Channel Repeaters which give up to 10 users at a time access to Thuraya’s mobile satellite services.


Key features:

  • Supports calls, SMS, fax & GmPRS and improves wireless connectivity
  • Supports all Thuraya Satellite phones
  • Available in single-channel or multi-channel versions
  • Indoor coverage of up to 400 square meters( depending on room layout)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Multiple Indoor Repeaters can be used to cover bigger rooms
  • Thuraya Indoor repeaters can be used inside buildings, tunnels or in outdoor shadow zones with limited or no satellite signal reception
  • Single-channel repeaters can handle one call or session at a time, to Multi-Channel Repeaters which enable up to 10 users to access the Thuraya satellite services simultaneously
  • Multiple Indoor repeaters can be used to cover bigger rooms, the outdoor antenna can be rotated to ensure maximum signal strength


Thuraya indoor repeaters brochure