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by Cobham

The Sailor 800 VSAT is a standardized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system with an 83 cm reflector dish. It provides the same or better radio performance than a typical 1m antenna. These claims are supported by industry 3rd party testing, which has shown that Sailor 800 VSAT provides the best performance for an antenna in the 80cm class.


Key features:

  • Just like the larger, top-selling Sailor 900 VSAT, it is quick and easy to deploy – but with a 20% smaller form factor Sailor 800 VSAT can be used on vessels that otherwise would not consider VSAT because of the size and weight of suitable antennas
  • The focus of the new Sailor 800 VSAT is on RF performance, G/T, which is >18 dB/K – a value equal to or higher than most other 1m maritime VSAT antennae performance claims – yet it’s much smaller and lighter
  • It uses the same tried & tested features including antenna controller, software, electronics, web MMI, modem and network compatibility to provide reliability and stunning performance
  • The new Sailor 800 leaves the factory fully tested and configured, with all RF equipment pre-configured and installed
  • The Sailor VSAT range enables you to operate two antenna systems on a single modem without the need for extra hardware to manage the feature; the integrated Sailor VSAT antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and modem
  • Frequency band Ku (VSAT), Reflector size 83 cm / 32.7”
  • System power supply range 20 – 32 VDC (Startup voltage: 22 VDC guaranteed)
  • BUC output power 6 W
  • Built-In Test Power On Self Test, Person Activated Self Test and Continuous Monitoring w. error log


Sailor 800  VSAT system brochure