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by Icom

ICOM’s A220 panel mount transceiver on the VHF air band. The transceiver is TSO approved and will work for all certified part 23 aircrafts. With the brightest OLED display on the market the IC-A220T is an unique model. In the radio there is also a built in 2 station intercom.


Key features:

  • 8 Watts of output power
  • 33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing
  • FAA TSO certification
  • OLED display
  • Easy channel selection
  • Automatic squelch function detects the signal level and automatically adjusts the squelch level
  • Built-in voice activated intercom function allows pilot and co-pilot to talk via the headset
  • Built-in DC-DC converter accepts a 12/24V DC power source
  • Automatic weather channel scanning and receive
  • Dualwatch and priority watch functions
  • One touch to access to 121.5MHz emergency frequency
  • Side tone function for monitoring your voice with headset
  • ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) function reduces pulse type noise
  • Remote control capability
  • Time-out timer
  • Slim 34mm (1.34 inch) height can be installed in a limited panel space


Download datasheet