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by Cobham
SKU 403722A-00532

Explorer 727 is a high-speed, vehicular broadband system. It consists of three fully integrated units: a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna. Live media broadcast, defence or humanitarian operations require communication equipment that you can always rely on. With Explorer 727 you get the most comprehensive and best in class Mobile Communication Hub.


Key features:

  • Explorer 727 BGAN terminal automatically tracks satellite positions it makes high-speed connectivity and communication possible- even at speeds in excess of 200 Km/h.
  • Run a multitude of office, security and commercial applications thanks to full IP connectivity, even when you’re in your car. Or truck. Or armoured vehicle.
  • BGAN X-Stream provides +384 kbps streaming when Explorer 727 is stationary so HD video and audio are a breeze. Even on-the-move, you can still steam up to 256 kbps with the regular streaming service.
  • Flexible deployment, attach the antenna to the roof of your vehicle or place it up to 50 m away when you set up camp.
  • Explorer 727 can withstand severe environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures, reliable connectivity is inherent, even at speed.
  • Set-up and Router functionality: Web server, Built-in NAT Router, Admin control (password protected), DHCP, Network Management, Remote Management, SIP Server, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • DC input range 5-32VDC , Power (max)@ 10.5-32V: 150W ( incl. antenna & PoE output)
  • Interface:  2 x Analogue RJ-11 phone/fax interfaces, 4 x LAN interface, 1 x ISDN interface, I/O connector, Antenna connector, BGAN SIM-Card slot


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