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by Cobham

Sailor 900 VSAT is an advanced maritime stabilized Ku-band antenna system. It is built with the same high quality and high performance that has made Sailor the leading name in professional maritime communication equipment over the decades. With hundreds of units shipped worldwide in a very short time, it truly sets a new standard. The Sailor 900 Ku-Band VSATwhich has been designed by Cobham SATCOM’s most experienced engineers, is the result of extensive market and technology research.


Key features:

  • Sailor 900 VSAT is an easy and quick to deploy three-axis stabilized VSAT antenna with the highest RF performance in the 1m antenna class
  • Every Sailor 900 VSAT antenna system comes factory-tested, equipped ready-to-go with standardized top quality RF components (8W BUC, LNBs, OMT/diplexer) – and only one cable between antenna and below-deck
  • Always-on broadband connectivity at a simple flat-rate fee
  • Sailor 900 VSAT can operate two antenna systems on a single modem without the need for an extra box to manage that feature
  • During the coming years, new high throughput satellites (HTS) will come online
  • Frequency band Ku / Ka-Band (VSAT)
  • Reflector size 103 cm / 40.6”
  • System power supply range 20 – 32 VDC (Startup voltage: 22 VDC guaranteed)
  • BUC output power 8 W
  • Built-In Test Power On Self Test, Person Activated Self Test and Continuous Monitoring w. error log


Sailor 900 VSAT system brochure