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SKU 78-01248

The travelling wave dipole antenna is efficient for short to medium distance communications. It’s radiation patterns are generally Omni-directional, resulting in a consistent coverage over the frequency range. Designed for 100% duty cycle voice and data operation at the rated power level. This antenna requires a substantial cleared are at ground level for installation and is more suitable for permanent fixed-site installations. Refer to the antenna datasheet for more details.


Key features:

  • 2 to 30 MHz frequency range
  • Omni-directional radiation
  • High efficiency
  • Short to medium distance coverage
  • Up to 1000W RF power rating
  • Rated for data


Available models:

  • 2-30 MHz – 125W PEP / 53m
  • 3-30 MHz – 125W PEP / 40m
  • 2-30 MHz – 1000W PEP / 53m
  • 3-30 MHz – 1000W PEP / 40m


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