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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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You are here: Professional Hytera DMR Applications (DMR Tier II) SmartDispatch - DMR dispatcher

SmartDispatch - DMR dispatcher


Professional DMR dispatching system for your DMR radio solution.
Hytera Dispatch system

SmartDispatch is Hytera's dispatcher system, which was developed in accordance with the digital ETSI radio standard DMR. SmartDispatch is designed for an efficient communication and supports you in managing and directing the radio subscribers in the DMR radio system. With its client-server architecture, its modular design and its Voice-over-IP support (VoIP), SmartDispatch offers you almost all modern dispatching features in only one software solution.


Features (Excerpt)

  • Online /Offline status message
  • Support for all call types
  • Locking and unlocking radios
  • Position detection via GPS
  • Sending and receiving text messages
  • Voice recording and playback of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Location history for subsequent analysis and representation of location information
  • Regions and geofencing
  • Emergency alarm
  • SIP support
  • AudioLink
  • Communication between control rooms
  • E-mail gateway
  • Ambience listening
  • Support of different geodata sources
  • Over-the-air programming and telemetry


Modularity and flexibility
SmartDispatch is a client-server system consisting of various components. This allows SmartDispatch to support the design of dispatcher systems of different dimensions and topologies - completely tailored to the respective customer requirements. SmartDispatch can be used as single-station system or as an extensive dispatcher solution distributed over several locations.

Demand-oriented access control
Each workplace can be configured with privileges for managing selected radios, entire fleets or selected parts of the DMR radio system.

IP connectivity
In addition of connect mobile radios to use the system as a radio dispatcher, you can use Repeater over IP. Thus, a IP dispatching system can be established, that enables network-wide voice recording and a direct control of the repeater time slots.

Support of multiple monitors
The SmartDispatch client supports different display forms and can be distributed onto several monitors so that users have all of the important information in their field of view.

Language support
SmartDispatch supports several languages. The language of theSmartDispatch client can be changed quickly upon demand without having to restart the application. The supplied language tool allows administrators to maintain additional languages in the SmartDispatch system.

No recurring costs for strategic localisation
Compared with GPRS-based solutions for strategic localisation, SmartDispatch relies on the possibilities of the DMR radio system in conjunction with GPS technology. Hence, no recurring costs arise for the use of the GPRS protocol.



 Hytera DMR SmartDispatch flyer