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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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You are here: Professional Hytera DMR Applications (DMR Tier II) Hytera DS-6500 - DMR dispatcher solution

Hytera DS-6500 - DMR dispatcher solution


Plug-and-play dispatcher, completely preconfigured.
Hytera DS-6500

The DS-6500 is a complete dispatcher solution from Hytera that is immediately operational. With integrated Hytera mobile radios, a powerful computer and the proven dispatcher software SmartDispatch, the DS-6500 is suitable for applications in all areas, such as industry, public utilities and disposal companies.

Simply connect the DS-6500 according to the plug-and-play principle and immediately utilize the extensive dispatcher functions.

Complete dispatcher solution
The clearly arranged chassis contains all the components for immediate operation: a powerful computer, the dispatcher software SmartDispatch, the Hytera MD785 mobile radios, an integrated power supply as well as a multi-channel sound card for an expansion of up to four mobile radios.

Plug and Play
As a complete dispatcher solution, DS-6500 can be taken to any operation site, conveniently and flexibly. In its delivery state, the DS-6500 is already completely preconfigured and, as such, can be used immediately. With the preinstalled programming software "CPS", you can quickly and easily adjust the configuration of the integrated mobile radios to your existing frequency and working environment (groups, call numbers, etc.).

Extensive dispatcher functions
The DS-6500 offers the complete scope of services of the dispatcher software SmartDispatch from Hytera in a complete solution. Standard functions of the SmartDispatch include voice communication, GPS-based services, short messages and system-wide voice recording. The included software as well as licenses can be expanded without any problems using software upgrades.

User-oriented design
VGA, DVI as well as HDMI interfaces are available on the rear side of the device for connecting monitors. The intuitive user interface of the SmartDispatch offers a state-of-the-art and efficient dispatch workplace.

Flexible operation of mobile radios
Operating the mobile radios leaves you with complete freedom: All Hytera devices, digital or analog, can be controlled by the SmartDispatch software. In digital radio service, users also have access to expanded data functions.

In its standard design, the DS-6500 contains two built-in MD785. Upon request, the dispatcher solution is also available with only one MD785.

Simple expandability
In the standard design, two additional MD785 can be connected to the rear side of the chassis. This expands the capacity to a utilization of up to 8 timeslots. Thanks to the all-in-one design, you do not have to worry about any hardware compatibilities.


 Hytera DMR DS-6500 flyer