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Hytera Patrol System


Management of patrol security personel.
Hytera Patrol System

The Hytera Patrol System is a user-friendly and, at the same time, a cost-efficient solution for the management of patrol security personnel. With the help of RFID technology and reliable DMR radio, you can monitor the patrol personnel at all times, thereby increasing their safety and efficiency.


Different application fields
The Hytera Patrol System can provide support in all different types of application areas to optimize the patrol management. Wherever patrol personnel is being employed, routes can be planned and monitored with the help of the patrol software: for example, in factories, logistic centers, hotels or retail industry. 

Efficient patrol management
Routes and timetables can be created and adjusted with the help of the patrol software. This allows for flexible changes to routes and to optimize them with respect to your current requirements.

Proven DMR radio technology and RFID
The radio technology employed for the data transfer to the call center is based on the open ETSI standard DMR. The data of the patrol are collected using passive RFID-capable checkpoints and the DMR handheld mobile radio PD415.

Flexible usage
A repeater as well as a mobile radio (MD785/MD785G) can be used as receiving station. In case of a repeater, the patrol system is connected via IP, which allows it to be placed at a remote location. In case of the MD785/MD785G, this is accomplished with the standard programming cable.

Reliable data transfer
If data cannot be transferred to the call center due to a lack of DMR radio coverage, the PD415 radio offers functions that allow transferring these data at a later time. As soon as the radio is connected again with the DMR system, the data of the patrol can be sent again with the push of a button. As an alternative, the offline data transfer via cable is also possible.

How does the patrol system work?

Hytera’s patrol system is based on RFID technology and conventional DMR radio from Hytera. The DMR handheld radio PD415 with integrated RFID reader is used. With the help of this RFID reader, it is possible to read out passive RFID tags.  

The RFID tags are made up of a patrol identification card and a checkpoint. These checkpoints are installed in the area to be safeguarded along the intended patrol route.

Upon taking up their post, the patrol person registers with his patrol identification card at a PD415 radio and is subsequently also logged into the patrol system. If he passes a checkpoint in the course of his route, he scans it with his radio. The data acquired are transmitted from the radio to the patrol software where they can subsequently be analyzed.

Functions of the patrol software

The patrol software offers all the functions for an efficient management of patrol personnel and their patrols. Upon receiving the data, it shows the current locations of the patrols and logs them.

Comprehensive administration
As the administrator, you are managing all of the information with respect to patrol personnel, checkpoints and patrols within the patrol software.

Visualization of patrol routes
For the visualization, you can import your own map material in form of graphics files into the patrol software, e.g., in JPG format. In the process, you can cleanly integrate special features via the menu, such as several floors of a building.

Analyzing patrol data
The patrol software provides numerous useful functions for searching and statistical analysis of the data received. If needed, they can be exported to an Excel file or a PDF document.


 Hytera DMR patrol system flyer