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Saturday, Oct 20th

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Hytera MD785G duplex


DMR mobile for trunked radio solutions.

The MD785G Duplex from Hytera offers an ergonomic design in combination with functions according to DMR Tier III, the DMR mobile radio standard for digital trunked radio. The MD785G Duplex allows making duplex calls without having to press the PTT button. A handset with a complete keypad is required for communication.

Intuitive interface and key guidance
The high-resolution LCD screen provides a clear display, even under difficult lighting conditions. The large keypad as well as the ergonomic programmable keys allow an efficient and productive communication.

Reliability and quality
The MD785G Duplex meets the US military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and offers dust and water protection in accordance with IP54. This enables this vehicle mobile station to provide reliable service even un harsh environments.

Excellent voice quality
With the use of narrow-band codecs and digital error correction, the MD785G Duplex offers you an excellent audio quality even in loud service environments and in the peripheral zones of the radio coverage. In addition, the implemented technology optimizes the transmitted voice. The built-in 4-watt loudspeaker completes the clear transmission of the radio communication.

Improved use of the radio spectrum
Thanks to the TDMA procedure, the MD785G Duplex allows assigning twice the channel capacity to the available bandwidth. This leads to a significant easing of the increasing frequency shortage.

Versatile functionality
Besides the classic communication functions, the MD785G Duplex features numerous digital and optional functions, including text messages, GPS location determination and a one-person function.

Interface for hardware expansion
The hardware of the MD785G Duplex can be expanded with the help of the option board interface. This enables third-party providers to develop additional functions.

Duplex communication
The TDMA procedure enables simultaneous two-way voice communication, while requiring no PTT button just like a telephone call. With the implemented digital technology, DMR trunked radio systems from Hytera achieve the same quality as conventional PSTN telephone calls.

Versatile voice communication
Thanks to digital signal transmission, the MD785G Duplex provides you with different call types: Individual call, group call, emergency call, include call, broadcast call, PSTN/PABX call, semi-duplex call and full-duplex call.

The MD785G duplex supports GPS location determination and sending GPS location data as text message.

Data Services
The MD785G Duplex offers you data services such as sending text and group messages. In addition, the MD785G Duplex can be used in mobile radio solutions with additional application software, e.g. AVL or Radio Call Control.

Different menu languages
The MD785G Duplex supports different menu languages. Additional languages can be added upon request.