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Hytera PD355LF - DMR Tier I


License-free DMR radio in smartphone format.
Hytera PD355LF

The PD355LF is a license-free DMR radio in smartphone format. It operates in the 446 MHz frequency range. It is thus one of the first license-free DMR radios on the market.

Thanks to its compact design and intuitive operation, this DMR Tier I radio makes the perfect companion that is ready for use at any time in day-to-day operations. As a license-free version of the PD355, the PD355LF fits perfectly into pants or jacket pockets, and is therefore easy to carry.

Attractive and lightweight
Thanks to its modern and compact design in smartphone format and its intuitive operation, the PD355LF is a companion that you will not want to do without in day-to-day communication. Weighing only 160 g, it is easy to carry and even fits in pants and jacket pockets.

Supports analog and digital radio
The PD355LF was developed in compliance with the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard. The handheld radio supports license-free operation according to DMR Tier I. It can also be operated as an analog radio.

32 preprogrammed channels
The digital technology used means that the PD355LF supports 32 preprogrammed channels. Of the channels 16 are analog and 16 digital, divided into three zones.

Antenna included
The unique, integrated antenna design enables excellent availability without a large antenna on the radio.

Small investment – quick start
The license-free PD3 radios not only offer many functions, but also a quick, no-nonsense start with digital PMR446 radio at a fair price.

Long battery service life
The lithium-ion battery (2000 mAh) supplied enables the PD355LF to achieve an operating time of at least 12 hours in digital mode, with a duty cycle of 5-5-90.


Additional Functions (Selection)

  • 32 preprogrammed channels (16 analog, 16 digital), divided into three zones
  • Charging and programming via Micro-USB interface
  • Dust and water protection according to IP54
  • Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, and broadcast call on digital channels
  • Analog signaling: CTCSS, CDCSS for analog channels
  • Squelch in analog operation
  • Scan function for analog and digital channels: The radio's scan function searches for preprogrammed channels. If a call is detected on a channel, the device stays on that channel until the call is over.
  • Text messages: Supports up to 10 preprogrammed text messages of up to 64 characters. They can be selected and sent directly on the device.
  • Call protocols: The radio records all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.
  • Four programmable buttons (SK1, P1, P2, P3)
  • Illuminated display
  • Status LED: The status LED shows if the radio is sending, receiving, scanning, or if the battery is empty, for example. It can be disabled and selected again using the radio menu.
  • One touch call/one touch message (programmable function): Starts a call or transfers one of the ten preprogrammed text messages via a programmable button
  • Covert mode (for covert use): All signals are suppressed (LED, illumination, loudspeaker)
  • Time-out timer for call time limit


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