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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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Hytera TC-610P


A rugged radio for harsh environments and IP66 protection.
Hytera TC-610P

Extreme working conditions in a loud and dusty environment, such as on large construction sites, can reduce performance and productivity if your two-way radio is dirty and the call quality is impaired. The handheld radio TC-610P is specifically designed for these tasks. Thanks to its robust design and the IP66 protection, this two-way radio is even suitable for extremely rough operating conditions.

Dust-proof and waterproof in accordance with degree of protection IP66 
The TC-610P offers you reliability and higher productivity in harsh working conditions. The protection against dust and water in accordance with IP66 allows you to simply wash off dirt under a jet of water.

Robust chassis 
The TC-610P is manufactured using a double injection moulding process. Thanks to this technology this handheld radio is robust, durable and sits well in the hand.

Improved voice quality 
The TC-610P has a powerful loudspeaker. In addition, this device utilises state-of-the-art processes. They ensure an improved sound quality of your calls, even in loud environments.

High range 
The high transmitting power of 5 watt in the UHF range allows high ranges, even over large construction sites and long distances.

Programmable channel spacing 12.5 kHz / 25 kHz 
This feature provides a high degree of flexibility and straight forward adaptation to changing requirements in relation to the channel spacing, without the need to buy new radios.

High/low power switchable 
The user can change to low or high transmitting power at the press of a button to save the battery or to cover a larger distance.

Functions (excerpt)

  • Monitor function CTCSS/CDCSS and noise cancellation
  • VOX
  • Channel scan
  • Energy saving mode
  • Warning tone for low battery charge state
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Programmable via PC Line-connected "cloning" function for transferring settings to another two-way radio
  • Selectable squelch levels
  • Vibration alarm


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