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Monday, Nov 19th

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Sailor SP3500 Portable Series


Tough Job. Tough Conditions. Tough Equipment.


The SAILOR SP3500 Portable series is composed by seven high-quality, robust portable radios.

All radios build on the strong reputation of the SAILOR brand of being reliable, powerful and very user-friendly. Developed and designed with the user in mind, a perfect grip, large tactile buttons and easy to read display are only some of the many features and functionalities that make these radios the ideal working tool for any professional user.

  • SAILOR SP3510 – Portable VHF
  • SAILOR SP3515 – Portable VHF with Scrambler and CTCSS
  • SAILOR SP3520 – Portable VHF GMDSS
  • SAILOR SP3530 – Portable VHF ATEX
  • SAILOR SP3540 – Portable VHF ATEX GMDSS
  • SAILOR SP3550 – Portable UHF
  • SAILOR SP3560 – Portable UHF ATEX


Robust design
Waterproof (IP67)
Large display
Clear sound
Large tactile buttons
Ribbed grip
Interface to external accessories

 Download Sailor SP3500 Portables Series productsheet