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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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Sailor System 5000 MF/HF


Sailor System 5000 MF/HFIntelligent design – superior performance

Following the SAILOR System 5000 150W and 250W radios launched last year, Thrane & Thrane completes the SAILOR System 5000 with a new strong 500W radio.


By this, Thrane & Thrane finalises its updated GMDSS portfolio, also comprising the latest TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS terminal as well as the new SAILOR SP3520 portable VHF:

* SAILOR RT5020/5022 VHF DSC Class A
* SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS
* SAILOR System 5000 MF/HF
* SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF GMDSS


The SAILOR System 5000 MF/HF is a further development of System 4000 150W. The System 5000 offers a range of new features and improved MMI (Man- Machine Interface), based on the high quality and strong reliability known from the System 4000 150W.

The System 5000 has been designed to meet the requirements of the end-users and ensure easy operation while at the same time offering a cost-effective, reliable and powerful system. Extensive research has been put into developing a user-friendly MF/HF system that provides easy operation and takes account of the situation of the operator and the environment on the bridge.

The SAILOR System 5000 is a unique SSB system, providing a combination of cost efficiency, high performance and the well-known SAILOR/Thrane & Thrane reliability at very competitive prices.


User friendly

Powerful 150W, 250W and 500W versions with optional radiotelex

Highly cost-effective and reliable

1 - 6 (optional) channels DSC watch receiver built-in

Fast antenna tuning

Flexible and easy installations

Complies with GMDSS for both sea area A2, A3 & A4

Complies with ITU 493-11 annex 3 & 4 simple DSC operation and automated procedures

  Download Sailor System 5000 MF/HF productsheet