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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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Codan Tactical Antennas — 2110 Manpack series


Codan AntennaCodan provides a complete range of antenna solutions to cover the needs for mobility, quick deployment, and short/long range communications.


Key Features

  • Tactical Whip Antennas
    • These lightweight whip antennas are suitable for on-the-go communications over short to medium distances (available in lengths of 1. 5m (5') or 3 m (10').
  • Tactical Long Wire Antenna
    • With its 10 m (30') length the long wire antenna achieves greater communication performance (1.6 MHz and 30 MHz operation) than the shorter whip antennas. It comes in an ultra lightweight kit that can be deployed in minutes.
  • Tactical Dipole and Broadband Antennas


Download Tactical Antennas datasheet