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You are here: Professional Codan Supplies & Amplifiers Codan 500 W & 1 kW Power Amplifiers 3061 and 3062

Codan 500 W & 1 kW Power Amplifiers 3061 and 3062

Codan High PowerCodan’s Power Amplifiers are reliable, affordable and designed to be used with our NGT transceivers. The 3061 provides 500 W; the 3062 delivers 1 kW PEP output power; and both are ideal for voice and data operation.

Key Features

  • NGT transceiver interface
    • Codan’s NGT transceivers provide you with a simple interface to control and operate the Power Amplifiers.
  • Continuous mode operation
    • The amplifiers are rated for 100% continuous operation in all modes for either voice or data applications.
  • High efficiency
    • Advanced switched mode power supplies maximise efficiency of the amplifiers and reduce heat.
  • Protection and backup
    • Codan’s Power Amplifiers are fully protected against all load conditions and excessive heat sink temperatures.
  • Antenna tuner interface
    • The amplifiers provide an interface to control an external antenna tuner or coupler.
  • Amplifier cooling
    • For increased reliability and durability, fans are thermostatically controlled and operate on two speeds depending on the heatsink temperature.
  • Rack mounting
    • Both amplifiers and associated power supply units can be used in 19" rack mount configurations and are 5RU high.