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Tuesday, Oct 16th

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Codan UUPlus Email For HF software

Email SoftwareEmail for HF software is a simple and reliable solution for sending email over High Frequency (HF) from remote areas.

UUPlus, LLC specialises in designing software that addresses the problem of transmitting reliable and inexpensive email into remote areas of the world. Together with Codan, they have specifically designed the Client and Server Email for HF software for use with Codan HF Data Modems and transceiver equipment.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
    • UUPlus Email for HF is easy to install and maintain. Its simple and user-friendly interface operates mostly in the background of the Windows environment and is compatible with popular email clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape and Pegasus Mail.
  • Flexible
    • With UUPlus you are in control your email, by configuring the size limits of incoming messages or scheduling the software to automatically send or receive mail.
  • Fast and smart
    • UUPlus software technology saves time by compressing and batching messages, and automatically resumes interrupted file transfers.
  • Comprehensive server and internet capabilities
    • UUPlus Codan Server software provides HF email for up to 25 remote or local LAN users, including facilities for email and internet access