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Codan NGT SRx Transceiver


Codan NGT SRxCodan’s NGT SRx is the ideal solution to your modern HF needs and can be deployed in base, mobile or portable configurations – all this in a single cost effective unit. With a General Purpose Interface Port (GPIO) you can connect countless devices such as crosspatch, telephone interconnect, or additional modems to name a few. The NGT SRx is easy to use with an innovative, mobile phone-like handset and one-button shortcuts. Plus with Codan’s Easitalk®, you’re sure to enjoy clear communications.


Key Features

  • Robust base, mobile and portable Configurations
    • Codan’s NGT SRx can be easily and quickly deployed in base, mobile and portable configurations.
  • Worldwide standards
    • Codan’s SRx transceivers undergo rigorous testing and comply with the highest industry standards, including AS/NZS 4770:2000, AS/NZS 4582:1999, FCC, CE, and NTIA.
  • Easy installation
    • Codan’s NGT SRx is small, convenient to mount, and easy to install in fixed and mobile environments.
  • Innovative handset
    • Managing and operating your networks has never been easier or more efficient. With Codan’s simple yet advanced handset you can access and program all features, functions and hotkeys
  • Easitalk®
    • Easitalk® is a Digital Signal Processor that minimises interference and reduces noise to provide the clearest communications of any available HF transceiver.
  • GPS and computer control
    • Using a computer and an RS232 port, you can control an NGT SRx to help with paging, GPS tracking and logging, and other automated applications.
  • Secure your investment
    • You can extend your NGT SRx via future software upgrades ensuring you’ll get the most from your investment.
  • Calling facilities
    • The NGT SRx provides fully automated Selcall, Phone call, Message calls, GPS Position calls, calls with remote program capabilities.
  • ALE
    • ALE is available as an option to automatically select the best channel, at any time of the day and from the moment the transceiver is switched on.
  • Rugged and reliable
    • As with all Codan equipment, the NGT SRx series transceiver is a rugged and reliable unit that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.
  • Multilevel access and security
    • With the NGT SRx you can lock and hide sensitive information by configuring different access levels for users and administrators.


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